Converted wav to mp3  are sounding bad.
           The converted mp3 sounds are sounding bad. Go to the menu mp3 
setting and set the suited mode, and set it to use the best suited format.

Does this program burn audio CDs? 
           No. Mp3 To Wave Converter only converts mp3s to wave format. Most 
CD burning programs will use Wave files in 44khz, stereo, 16 bits,  but will not
accept mp3 files. You can use converted wav file burning your own CD.
How to burn a audio CD?
I have registered! And received a register code! How i use the 
register code?

          Open "Mp3&wav converter " main window. Click menu :help->register then 
open a register window, Enter your register name in the "REGI name" text box ,
and enter register code in the "register code" text box.  Click "Ok"  button.

I can' convert a "mp3" file to wave. But I can open it with other mp3
 player. Why?

         That may be your audio file not a mpeg layer 3 (mp3) file format. This software 
will pop a Message Box "This not a valid mpeg file, can't
Do I have to pay for the upgrades?
          No! All upgrades are free to registered users.

How to buy a full version?
          You can click button "Register". Or click BUY NOW
Does Mp3&Wav Converter equalize the volume so that all the songs
 will have the same volume?

          Yes. Mp3&Wav Converter has a "Normalizing" feature that lets you ensure
 that all MP3s in a set have the same volume level. Simply check the "Normalizing"
 box before you converting.

          Different MP3 files may have different volume levels. If you burn the CD
 without normalizing, the volume of songs in this CD might be sometimes louder 
and sometimes softer. But if you use normalizing, I guarantee you it will give you 
the same volume level songs in the CD.

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