How to use?

To start converting mp3 files, you need to click  the picture 
button "Towav".  It will pop a file dialog . if you had a bunch 
of mp3 files in "C:\My Music", you would first double click 
"My Computer", followed by double clicking "(C:)", followed by 
double clicking the "My Music" folder.  Select the mp3 files you 
want to convert. You can select many files at one time. if you hold 
down the Ctrl key you can individually select them. Click "OK" and 
the program will start!

How do I convert more than one mp3s at a time?
  You can select the mp3 files by left clicking and then dragging 
over the file icons (When you are dragging it shows a big  square.). 
 Or you can select the mp3s by holding down the Ctrl key and left 
clicking on the individual songs you want.  

Are the mp3s replaced by the converted Wave files?
     No.  The mp3s that you convert are not deleted.  They are kept 
intact.  The converted wave files are stored in the decode directory
, which defaults to "C:\mp3con".

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