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Introduction and Overview

  Mp3&Wav Converter is a software that directly convert audio from mp3 
to wav, also wav to mp3 format.
It convert the audio digitally-not  through the
soundcard-which enables you to make perfect copies of  the originals. You
can convert mp3  to wav, so you can burn your own  CD audio (Assuming you 
have a CD-R) or modified using your favorite audio editor. Converting your files 
is just a button click away because this program is user-friendly--directing the 
user from start to finish. You'll be an expert in no time!

mp3 wavSite 1 :MP3&WAV Converter 5.28 for Win7
                                Site 2 :MP3& WAV Converter 5.28
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Mp3&Wave Converter Features
           Easy to use Just select the file you want to convert on your system!!
           Converts .MP3,.MP2,.MP1, .MPG into CD quality format WAV files ready 
           to burn. Automatically normalizes MP3s to a consistent volume level.
           Encode wavs to mp3s.

Very easy to use. A nice and easy understandable user interface. 
  Award: Recently recognized as one of the Top20 downloads on PC
 Programs and Shareware Music Machine.
 Download a CD ripper,mp3 converter,decoder. All in one. 
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