What's New?

2005/05/18 released version 1.81
Support more audio format than older version.

2001/06/01 released version 1.09 
          Add a function that you may normalize your mp3s.
2001/01/27 released version 1.07 
New mp3 encoder support below bit rate, sample rate, mode.
          bit rate : 8,16,24,32,40,48,56,64,80,96,112,128,160,192,224,256,320      
          sample rate:
          mode: Stereo, joint stereo, forced joint stereo, mono
2001/01/16 released version 1.06
          Support long file name.
2000/12/14 release version 1.05
          v1.05 have fixed the bug that  it can't convert a few mp3s to wav sometime.
2000/10/12 release version 1.03
        Add function: decode format option. 

2000/10/07 release version 1.02
        Add function: Normalize all wave files to 98%. 
2000/09/25 release version 1.01
        Scan mp3s before decode, If not a mp3s,it will pop a message box .
2000/08/22 first upload Mp3 & Wav  Converter V1.0
        We dedicated to building easy and useful software to help you get some
 real use out of your computer! We know  how time consuming it can be to learn
 a new program. We believe that is possible to design software that is easy to
 use .You shouldn't need to read a manual. You can directly work with it. 
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